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Geometric Pool Builders

Withstanding the test of time, geometric pools remain a popular choice due to the elegant statement they make with their straight line styles. Their sleek design complements both formal and contemporary architecture, making them a great choice for customers with a variety of different backyard settings. Our goal at Backyard Oasis is to design and construct a dream geometric pool for your backyard that reflects your personal desires and individual environment. 

Geometric Pool Design Features & Add-Ons:

  • Straight lines for subtle elegance
  • Contemporary and modern design
  • Clean, sleek edges
  • Multiple shape options including squares and triangles
  • Endless pool systems can be installed to create a lap pool for efficient swim workouts

Geometric Pools Designs

During a free consultation, the Backyard Oasis team will assist you in planning the perfect pool for your backyard. Our in-house designers can bring your vision to life with a 3-D rendering. Call our highly qualified staff today to schedule your personal consultation and learn more about our competitive pricing and full in-house warranty.



Greater Houston Areas We Proudly Serve

Backyard Oasis has been providing superior customer service to our customers since 1999. As a family-owned premier custom pool builder, that proudly serves the greater Houston area.

Transform Your Geometric Pool Into A Lap Pool

Your geometric pool can be transitioned into a personal workout area for aquatic exercise, hydrotherapy, and competition training with the installation of an endless pool system. These systems allow you to swim against an adjustable-rate flow of water, providing a great workout space for:

  • Water Aerobics
  • Water Pilates
  • Therapy
  • Endurance Training


View Our Geometric Pool Gallery:

756.jpg 759.jpg 760.jpg 762.jpg 763.jpg 764.jpg 765.jpg 766.jpg 758.jpg 757.jpg 770.jpg 771.jpg 773.jpg 775.jpg 768.jpg 777.jpg 778.jpg 779.jpg 781.jpg 772.jpg 785.jpg 787.jpg _DSC0703.jpg 784.jpg _DSC0697.jpg _DSC0693.jpg _DSC0704.jpg _DSC0705.jpg _DSC0706.jpg _DSC0715 (1).jpg _DSC0717 (1).jpg _DSC9851-HDR.jpg _DSC9861.jpg _DSC9864.jpg _DSC9866.jpg _DSC9872.jpg _DSC9873.jpg _DSC9875.jpg _DSC9880.jpg _DSC9881.jpg DJI_0053.jpg DJI_0045.jpg DJI_0023.jpg _DSC0364.jpg _DSC0365.jpg _DSC0374.jpg _DSC0390.jpg _DSC0394.jpg _DSC9850.jpg _DSC9851.jpg _DSC1188.jpg _DSC1197.jpg _DSC1191.jpg _DSC1215.jpg _DSC1190.jpg _DSC1813.jpg _DSC1814.jpg _DSC1212.jpg _DSC1820.jpg _DSC1832.jpg _DSC1837.jpg _DSC1839.jpg _DSC1842.jpg _DSC2106.jpg _DSC2111.jpg _DSC2118.jpg _DSC1828.jpg _DSC2113.jpg _DSC2128.jpg _DSC2121.jpg _DSC2129.jpg DJI_0007.jpg DJI_0013.jpg DJI_0015.jpg DJI_0025.jpg DJI_0017.jpg DJI_0175.jpg _DSC4042.jpg _DSC4039.jpg _DSC4297.jpg _DSC4165.jpg DJI_0329.jpg _DSC4312.jpg DJI_0480.jpg _DSC4026.jpg _DSC4043.jpg _DSC4047.jpg _DSC4157.jpg _DSC4162.jpg DJI_0423.jpg

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Finance Your Dream Pool

With many financing options available, don’t let the price prevent you from attaining the custom swimming pool of your dreams.

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