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Beach & Zero Entry Pool Builders

Eye-catching entry options are a specialized feature of the custom pools from Backyard Oasis. Our designers can customize virtually any idea or we can create a variety of swimming pool entry styles to choose from.

Beach entry

Beach Entry Pool Designs

A beach entry pool is a popular style for many of our luxurious pools. A beach entry pool, known as a zero entry pool, often includes a natural design of a sun shelf, also referred to as a tanning shelf. One or more sides of the pool will gradually slope from the ground level down into the water creating the zero entry design. This design includes steps, slopes, or sometimes both options to allow you to descend into the deeper water. We can also build tiered steps, three or four steps, that lead down to the shallow end of the pool which also allows for a convenient place to sit and relax. This entry is very accommodating for the elderly and small children, as well as animals. Some beach entry pools also include waterfalls, fire elements, and swim up bars.

Tanning Ledge Designs

Additionally, we build tanning ledges. They provide a large area just below water level for lounging and may even accommodate patio seats. It becomes a perfect area for casual conversation and relaxing, and young children love to play in this shallow water area.

Backyard Oasis is a high-end luxury, custom pool builder. We pride ourselves on our designs and the individualism we bring to each project.

We look forward to scheduling your personal consultation and transforming your dream into reality by creating your very own Backyard Oasis.

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