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Why is Winter the Best Time to Build Your Pool?

Advantages of Building a Pool in the Winter

As your premier North Houston pool builder, we know timing is everything. While people generally don’t think about the clear blue water and spacing of their patio chairs until the temperatures start to rise, there are advantages to building a pool in the cooler, winter months. 

1. Decreased Cost

In general, pool prices tend to rise year over year. In 20 years, we have never seen them come down, so the best time to build is in the Winter, before they start to climb again. Because of our buying power, we can offer the best price on the harder to get materials, like lumber for your outdoor living area or those travertine pavers around your custom luxury pool. Over the build process, you could save real dollars just by building when demand is low.

2. Ready to Use by Summer 

Most homeowners do not realize the process for vetting their builders. It can take 2-3 weeks to get all the design and price comparisons complete. Once you select Backyard Oasis, there are general permits with an HOA that must be contended. That process can take an additional 2-4 weeks to process. Once things are in line, Backyard Oasis starts your beautiful new pool within 7-10 days of receiving the HOA confirmation, and when all necessary permits and funding are complete. NO two pools are created equally; however, most pools can go from dig to swim in 8 - 10 weeks*.

Please note that outdoor elements add to that timeline.

Not to mention, kids are tough. They want everything done right now. If you don’t start building your dream pool until May or June, you may be in for an entire summer of questions. Starting your build during the months of Winter when the kiddos are inside due to the weather can help prevent the headaches multiple questions can cause. Also, and let’s be really honest, building early means you get to be the first to relax by the pool while the kids are still in school!

3. Give your Landscaping time to Bloom

Many who build with us add features to their custom pool. Hot tubs, fire pits, and swim-up bars are just a few of the extras that can make your backyard a true oasis!  It is also common for our clients to add landscaping after the project is complete. 

It can take time for your backyard to recover from the disarray of construction, but if you are completing the process during winter, that gives you more of a grace period to complete your landscaping and get your pool looking bright and inviting by the time pool season begins. Not to mention, when you plant the right seeds in the cooler months, the beautiful colors and blooms have time to root just in time for that awesome backdrop to the cannonball in the pool!

4. Scheduling Flexibility 

Since many people might not consider a pool until the summer when they are ready to jump in, pool builders usually experience a downturn during the winter months. In addition, a backlog of materials, labor, and scheduling can happen when entering pool season.

Though we are passionate about timeliness year-round, the "off-season" grants more flexibility; enabling us to take the time to get your project done right. 

The Perfect Pool Temperatures, All Year!

Backyard Oasis' add-on, the Heat-Pump Chiller can keep your pool at the perfect temperature all year. This device keeps the water warm in the cooler months and cools the pool in the summer months. Imagine having more than the hot tub to relax in on a chilly night. Or, on the hottest day of the year, getting cool, refreshing water instead of lukewarm relief? How awesome would that be? 

No matter what you want for your Backyard Oasis, we are here to help make your vision come to life. With decades of pool-building experience, we make the process efficient, stress-free, and reliable!

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