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Custom Pool Water Features

Everyone has different ideas and everyone has a different backyard, but often times it is the features you choose that makes your backyard oasis unique from any other.

The serene sound of water flowing from a fountain, water bowl or a waterfall can only enhance the stage of relaxation you drift into.


Natural Rock Waterfalls, Fountains & More:

  • Waterfalls
  • Rain sheers
  • Sheer descents
  • Deck jets
  • Sconces
  • Colored bubblers
  • Fiber stars
  • Flowing water bowls
  • Fountains


Pebble Technology Pool Features

Backyard Oasis is a proud partner of Pebble Technology, a pool industry leader since 1987, and utilizes their high-quality products. Backyard Oasis can install flowing water, fire, planter, and many more features for your custom pool. Contact us today to find out more about Pebble Tech features!


Pool Water Features

The design team at Backyard Oasis will expertly guide you through the selection of water features to help make your custom built pool fit your particular lifestyle. There are endless combinations of water features to create a variety of elevations that will please the eye.

We can show you some of the most creative options to make your custom pool as unique as you are. Schedule a personal consultation today and learn how we can assist in making your dreams come true.

Pools With Custom Water Features

Custom Rock Waterfall Custom Spa Cascading Waterfall Freeform Custom Waterfalls Custom Waterfall Custom Raised Waterfall & Cave Custom Tiered Waterfall Cascading Waterfall & Fire Bowls Water Fountain Custom Water Feature Sheer Descent Custom Water Slide Geometric Sheer Descent Spa Waterfall Triple Sheer Descents Custom Water Fountains & Waterfall Custom Pool w/ Multi Water Features _I8A9174.jpg _I8A9185.jpg _I8A9180.jpg _I8A9215.jpg 3I8A9155.jpg 3I8A9168.jpg 3I8A9176.jpg 3I8A9182.jpg 3I8A9185.jpg _I8A9176.jpg DSC00650.JPG 3I8A9178.jpg DSC00664.JPG DSC00675.JPG DSC00682.jpg rock water slide rock waterfall pool feature 550A1679.jpg 550A5825.jpg 550A5837.jpg 550A5850.jpg 550A1676.jpg 550A5895.jpg _DSC0697.jpg _DSC9866.jpg _DSC0703.jpg _DSC0704.jpg _DSC0709.jpg _DSC9891.jpg _DSC9893.jpg _DSC9897.jpg 550A5825.jpg 550A1676.jpg 550A5837.jpg 550A5850.jpg 550A5895.jpg


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