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Luxury Freeform Lagoon Pools

Picture your new freeform lagoon pool as the centerpiece for your backyard. This pool style is exotic and relaxed, allowing for private cozy, hideaways.

What is a Freeform Pool?

A freeform pool design is a swimming pool designed and built in an irregular or naturalistic shape with either curves or flowing lines. A lagoon style pool design begins with a freeform pool shape, but waterfall features, fire features, rocks, or cave-like grottos are added to the design.

Lagoon Style Pool Design Features & Add-Ons:

  • Soft, flowing curves to fit the landscape of your location
  • Unique and undefined by straight lines
  • Natural, organic style is beautifully enhanced with rock features and waterfalls

Freeform Lagoon

Perfect for recreation, home enhancement and entertaining, freeform lagoon pools are a popular choice because of the uniqueness of each design.

Backyard Oasis has a highly trained staff of designers, technicians, and craftsmen that value your individuality. We will keep you informed during every step of the construction, from your personal consultation to the teaching process of maintaining your new freeform lagoon pool.

An elaborate lagoon pool created by Backyard Oasis is certain to be a hit with the entire family. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Custom Free Form Pool Design

Backyard Oasis just completed our pool construction in early March and we couldn't be more pleased with the way the pool turned out, the staff we got to work with, and the overall process. We started reviewing companies in November, had contract with Backyard Oasis by mid-December, and they started construction the first week in January. They would have completed pool in less than 45 days if not for weather. Cheryl worked with us personally to assure layout was best for our family. In construction, Tami made sure we knew exactly what was going to happen next and Ryan visited with us and answered questions throughout the process. Great company, fantastic staff, and above expectations experience.

Glen McCabe : Cypress, TX

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Freeform & Lagoon Style Pool Builders

Backyard Oasis has been providing superior customer service to our customers since 1999. As a family-owned premier freeform & lagoon style pool builder, that proudly serves the greater Houston area.


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_I8A9192-HDR.jpg _I8A9207.jpg DSC00649.JPG _I8A9214.jpg DSC00629.JPG Montaruli_20160916_BH4A9065edited.jpg Montaruli_20160916_BH4A9048edited.jpg Montaruli_20160916_BH4A9068edited.jpg Pool 8.jpg Pool 10.jpg Pool 9.jpg Montaruli_20160916_BH4A9123edited.jpg Montaruli_20160916_BH4A9109edited.jpg umbrella covering a section of a lagoon shapes pool freeform pool with two waterfall features freeform pool with circular hot tub steps leading to a lagoon pool close up of asymmetrical pool and hot tub design backyard patio with freeform pool curved pool edge _I8A5715-HDR.jpg 550A1659.jpg Moore.jpg Moore1.jpg _DSC0050-HDR (1).jpg _DSC0032-HDR.jpg _DSC0020-HDR.jpg _DSC0071-HDR (1).jpg DJI_0072.jpg _DSC9701.jpg _DSC9884.jpg _DSC9672.jpg _DSC0020-HDR.jpg _DSC9885.jpg _DSC9890.jpg _DSC9918.jpg _DSC9917.jpg _DSC9953.jpg _DSC9996.jpg _DSC9998.jpg _DSC9999.jpg _DSC9951.jpg DJI_0035.jpg DJI_0039.jpg DJI_0072.jpg DJI_0081.jpg DJI_0085.jpg DJI_0092.jpg DJI_0102.jpg _DSC0557.jpg _DSC0553.jpg _DSC0556.jpg _DSC0558.jpg _DSC0572.jpg _DSC0917.jpg _DSC0918.jpg _DSC0929.jpg _DSC0936.JPG _DSC0942.JPG _DSC2973.jpg _DSC2970.jpg _DSC2979.jpg _DSC2981.jpg _DSC2983.jpg _DSC9672.jpg _DSC9674.jpg _DSC9675.jpg DJI_0006.jpg _DSC9701.jpg _DSC9702.jpg DJI_0068.jpg _DSC0012.jpg _DSC0017.jpg _DSC0019.jpg _DSC0030.jpg _DSC0031.jpg _DSC0001.jpg _DSC3595.jpg _DSC1170.jpg _DSC1169.jpg DJI_0003.jpg DJI_0650.jpg DJI_0735.jpg DJI_0752.jpg DJI_0731.jpg _DSC5538.jpg DJI_0261.jpg _DSC5549.jpg _DSC5554.jpg _DSC3968.jpg DJI_0262.jpg _DSC3971.jpg _DSC5530.jpg _DSC5537.jpg _DSC3951.jpg _DSC3952.jpg _DSC3950.jpg DJI_0635.jpg _DSC3956.jpg

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With many financing options available, don’t let the price prevent you from attaining the custom swimming pool of your dreams.

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