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Backyard Oasis serves areas including The Woodlands, Magnolia, Montgomery County, Cypress, Spring and the greater Houston areas. Our history of service, quality of work and attention to detail makes us a Houston premier pool builder. Our team will work with you through the entire pool building process to make sure you get the custom pool you desire. 

Check out some of our previous work below, and schedule your personal consultation today to learn more about our services. 

luxury-pool.jpg Lagoon style pool with a rock waterfall Rock waterfall pool feature Freeform pool with waterfall feature Youngblood_day_06.jpg youngblood_night_03.jpg youngblood_night_08.jpg Youngblood_day_04.jpg Youngblood_day_14.jpg youngblood_night_11.jpg youngblood_night_16.jpg Youngblood_day_10.jpg youngblood_night_05.jpg youngblood_night_09.jpg Youngblood_day_13.jpg youngblood_night_10.jpg youngblood_night_13.jpg Youngblood_day_05.jpg youngblood_night_15.jpg Youngblood_day_12.jpg Youngblood_day_11.jpg youngblood_night_02.jpg Youngblood_day_09.jpg youngblood_night_01.jpg Youngblood_day_16.jpg Youngblood_day_03.jpg Youngblood_day_08.jpg youngblood_night_04.jpg Youngblood_day_01.jpg youngblood_night_07.jpg Youngblood_day_15.jpg youngblood_night_12.jpg Youngblood_day_07.jpg youngblood_night_06.jpg Youngblood_day_02.jpg youngblood_night_14.jpg Brieley_Night_16.jpg Brieley_Day_9.jpg Brieley_Day_5.jpg Brieley_Day_3.jpg Brieley_Night_3.jpg Brieley_Night_5.jpg Brieley_Night_8.jpg Brieley_Day_1.jpg Brieley_Night_11.jpg Brieley_Day_10.jpg Brieley_Day_7.jpg Brieley_Night_4.jpg Brieley_Day_8.jpg Brieley_Night_14.jpg Brieley_Day_12.jpg Brieley_Day_2.jpg Brieley_Night_10.jpg Brieley_Day_11.jpg Brieley_Night_12.jpg Brieley_Night_1.jpg Brieley_Night_6.jpg Brieley_Night_9.jpg Brieley_Day_6.jpg Brieley_Day_13.jpg Brieley_Night_7.jpg Brieley_Night_2.jpg Brieley_Night_15.jpg Brieley_Night_13.jpg Brieley_Day_4.jpg jacoby5.jpg jacoby7.jpg jacoby2.jpg jacoby4.jpg jacoby9.jpg jacoby8.jpg jacoby11.jpg jacoby6.jpg jacoby13.jpg jacoby10.jpg jacoby1.jpg jacoby3.jpg jacoby12.jpg walker20.jpg walker7.jpg walker10.jpg walker19.jpg walker15.jpg walker9.jpg walker4.jpg walker1.jpg walker18.jpg walker2.jpg walker3.jpg walker12.jpg walker8.jpg walker17.jpg walker16.jpg walker6.jpg walker13.jpg walker5.jpg walker14.jpg walker11.jpg tello1.jpg tello7.jpg tello3.jpg tello5.jpg tello2.jpg tello4.jpg tello6.jpg rauchle2.jpg rauchle7.jpg rauchle6.jpg rauchle3.jpg rauchle4.jpg rauchle5.jpg rauchle1.jpg mcneil1.jpg mcneil4.jpg mcneil5.jpg mcneil2.jpg mcneil6.jpg mcneil3.jpg mcinnis4.jpg mcinnis3.jpg mcinnis1.jpg mcinnis7.jpg mcinnis6.jpg mcinnis2.jpg mcinnis5.jpg 550A3498.jpg martin15.jpg martin13.jpg martin5.jpg martin2.jpg martin14.jpg martin17.jpg martin7.jpg martin10.jpg martin18.jpg martin19.jpg martin6.jpg martin11.jpg martin4.jpg martin3.jpg martin1.jpg martin21.jpg martin9.jpg martin16.jpg 550A3495.jpg martin8.jpg martin12.jpg martin20.jpg marek1.jpg marek4.jpg marek5.jpg marek7.jpg marek3.jpg marek9.jpg marek8.jpg marek10.jpg marek6.jpg marek11.jpg marek2.jpg jacoby12.jpg beal7.jpg beal4.jpg beal1.jpg beal8.jpg beal5.jpg beal2.jpg beal6.jpg beal3.jpg beal9.jpg byo-custom-lazy-river20182.JPG byo-custom-pool20182.JPG byo-custom-pool20181.jpg byo-custom-pool20183.JPG 550A5955.jpg 550A5942.jpg 550A5938.jpg 550A5927.jpg 550A5916.jpg 550A5912.jpg 550A5908.jpg 3I8A8756.jpg 550A5907.jpg 3I8A8760.jpg 3I8A8752.jpg 3I8A8737.jpg 3I8A8748.jpg 3I8A8740.jpg 3I8A8728-HDR.jpg 3I8A8724.jpg 3I8A8720.jpg 3I8A8716.jpg 3I8A8714-HDR.jpg _I8A3343-HDR-1.jpg 3I8A8709.jpg 3I8A8708.jpg _I8A3330-HDR.jpg _I8A3334-HDR-1.jpg _I8A3338-HDR-1.jpg _I8A3326-HDR-2.jpg _I8A3321-HDR-1.jpg _I8A3316-HDR-1.jpg _I8A3312.jpg _I8A3314.jpg _I8A3313.jpg _I8A3303-HDR-1.jpg _I8A3300-HDR.jpg _I8A3291-HDR-2.jpg _I8A3280-HDR.jpg _I8A3286-HDR-1.jpg _I8A5778.jpg _I8A5776.jpg _I8A5763.jpg _I8A5775.jpg _I8A5750-HDR.jpg _I8A5717-HDR.jpg _I8A5744-HDR.jpg _I8A5738-HDR.jpg _I8A5733.jpg _I8A5715-HDR.jpg 550A5830.jpg 550A5895.jpg 550A5892.jpg 550A5889.jpg 550A5883.jpg 550A5876.jpg 550A5872.jpg 550A5853.jpg 550A5850.jpg 550A5837.jpg 550A5833.jpg 550A5825.jpg _I8A9207.jpg _I8A9214.jpg Montaruli_20160916_BH4A9065edited.jpg Custom Freeform Pool Freeform Pool With Spa, Firepit & Outdoor Living Space Custom Fire Features Custom Outdoor Living Space & Kitchen Inground Straight Line Pool Freeform Pool With Spa & Slide Contemporary Straight Line Pool Free Form Pool Cypress Straightline Fire Feature Beach entry Pool Waterfall Feature Freeform pool with natural waterfall Magnolia Freeform Lazy River Pool Backyard Pool with Pergola Pool with custom design features Custom Freeform Pool Pergola Outdoor Patio Freeform Backyard Pool Double Waterfall Features Contemporary Pool in Lake Conroe Custom Water Features Magnolia Straightline Pool Pool & Spa Custom Backyard Design Geometric Pools with Clean Lines Raised Walls with Stacked Stone Custom Pool with Fire Feature Free Form Pool with Waterfall Beautiful Rock Work Custom Pool Design Pool with Bridge Cypress Straight Line Pool with Custom Features Custom Waterfall Structure Spa & Pool with Waterfall Backyard Pool with Patio Feature Small Custom Pool Custom Tanning Ledge & Waterfall Stone Fire Pit Pool with Waterfalls & Fire Features Custom Outdoor Kitchen Custom Outdoor Kitchen Beach Entry with Spa & Waterfall Backyard Spa with Custom Waterfall Backyard Fireplace Custom Patio Extention Straight Line Pool in Small Yard Outdoor Kitchen Swimming Pool with Custom Water Feature Beautiful Backyard Spa Pool with Beach Entry Custom Pool & Hot Tub Straight Line Swimming Pool Infinity View from a Hot Tub Swim-up Bar Custom Straight Line Pool Lagoon Pool with Custom Water Slide Custom Feature Pond Lagoon Pool with Custom Water Slide Geometric Pool with Water Features Straight Line Pool in Small Yard Swimming Pool with Waterfall & Hot Tub Freeform Pool with Fire Feature Custom Pool with Slide and Spa Backyard Spa Backyard Infinity Pool Custom Free-form Pool tomball-pool.jpg Custom Water Feature Beach Entry Lagoon Style Pool Rock Waterfall & Slide Sport Splash - Custom Lazy River Luxury Spas Luxury Spas Luxury Spas Redesigns & Remodels Redesigns & Remodels Redesigns & Remodels Redesigns & Remodels Freeform Lagoon Freeform Lagoon Freeform Lagoon Freeform Lagoon Geometric & Straight Line Geometric & Straight Line Geometric & Straight Line Geometric & Straight Line


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